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Monash FODMAP Application + FODMAP Diet

low fodmap diet Monash University FODMAP Application for the FODMAP diet.

My first year of going on the low FODMAP diet was a huge learning curve that including the elimination, challenge and reintroduction phase.  It was hard to keep straight which foods were FODMAP safe or not and let’s not forget the portion size.  For over a year I would carry a folded up chart which listed out the low, moderate & high FODMAPs everywhere I would go.  It was a great way to check if a particular food item or ingredient was FODMAP safe.  I’m the type of person who likes to write something down just to be able to check it off my list.  This is why carrying the chart on me was a no brainer (with my OCD tendencies HA!) that is, until I found out about the Monash Unversity FODMAP diet phone application.

A few reasons why I stopped carrying around the chart:

Chart can get crumbled up and damaged (paper cuts, anyone?!)

Need to be cognizant of FODMAP updates (real time updates on the Monash App)

Portion size is not given on charts

Not as inconspicuous when you have to pull out a chart at dinner

 Thank goodness for this downloadable application that goes straight to your phone.  The price is now a one time purchase of $7.99 but let me tell you, it is the best 8 dollars you’ll spend.  I still to this day utilize the application when I see an unusual product or an ingredient I’m not as familiar with.

Some of my favorite features from this application are: 

Explanation of FODMAPs

Guide to read labels while grocery shopping

Constant updates

Shopping list 

Food diary tracker

List of low FODMAP certified brands

Easy to understand food guide in green, yellow & red traffic light

Serving size recommendations & explanation

Green Traffic Light - low fodmap diet


Also, if you are looking for low FODMAP snack ideas, check out some of my favorites.

P.S. I get no $$ for promoting this app, I just think it’s super helpful!  Have you used it?  I would love to hear what you think.

P.P.S. If you’re still overwhelmed and need more advice and more delicious recipes, check out the Low FODMAP Diet for Beginners for more tips and tricks.

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