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The first couple of years of blogging and writing recipes I just simply used the free built in recipe card that came with my theme. It worked fine and sort of did all that I wanted (or at least I thought) until I got an email from google saying  “Fix Recipes markup for https://fitfabfodmap.com.” . 

Fix Recipe Markups Report for FitFabFODMAP

Uh oh I thought… I opened the report and I had countless errors and recipe markup (SEO) corrections that needed to be made. Yep I quickly panicked but then shortly after got an email from WP TASTY  that explained what was going on. Basically google search console  had added a feature specifically showing you your recipe cards and how well they are optimized for SEO. I didn’t have any “critical” errors but I had tons of non-critical errors that I thought were covered and being correctly interpeted by google… but NOPE they weren’t. Simple things like author name, recipe description, instructions, prep time, etc. I’m talking like all the basics of a recipe, and none of them were correctly optimized for SEO, because my built in recipe SUCKED. REALLY SUCKED. I quickly read a bunch of reviews for a variety of recipe plugins but after having great experiences with Tasty Pins and Tasy Links, I went ahead and bought WP Tasty Recipes

Tasty Recipes Screenshot

I wasn’t thrilled that it was so expensive, but I quickly started to understand why. First of all, their customer service is the best I’ve ever seen. They literally respond in detail to every question I have. Raquel and Ann are always so thoughtful and helpful with any issues I have. They’ve gone so far as to update back-end code in my theme to accommodate features ‘d love to see. Tasty Recipes uses JSON-LD structured data to provide an in-depth view of your recipe to search engines, including both Pinterest and Google. My old built in recipe plugin didn’t even do that, and therefore basically all my recipes weren’t optimized. Converting all of my recipes to Tasty Recipes quickly resolved that and most of my google console recipe errors started to disappear (that felt really great). I wish I had a before and after, but let me assure you it was marvelous. Some other features of Tasty Recipes  include:

  1. Easy Import –  Convert your recipes from EasyRecipe, Ziplist, Meal Planner Pro, WP Ultimate Recipe, WP Recipe Maker, Yumprint Recipe Card, Cookbook, or Yummly Rich Recipes
  2. Convert one at a time – It’s always scary to quickly convert all of anything into something completely new. Tasty Recipes allows you to convert one recipe at a time to see exactly if you’re happy with the results
  3. SEO Optimization – Tasty Recipes uses JSON-LD structured data to provide an in-depth view of your recipe to search engines, including both Pinterest and Google
  4. Video IntegrationTasty Recipes recognizes video in your content and automatically includes it in the structured data. You also have the option to imbed a video in the recipe itself
  5. Flexible Formatting styling – seriously, it has a ton of customization so that you can built the recipe exactly the way you want it. They have a variety of pre-made recipe cards to get started.
  6. Star reviews
  7. Ad-Ready recipes – Allows for ads to be inserted right into the recipe
  8. Complete Nutrition Info –  Tasty Recipes includes fields for all the macro nutrients, from calories to fiber to saturated fat. If you’re a Nutrifox user, you can take advantage of our seamless integration.
  9. Active Development – They really are always working to improve their plugins and they take customer feedback very seriously
  10. Unlimited Support – I can vouch for their support, it really is unlimited. It’s far and beyond what you normally get from “support”. They are the best!
  11. 15-day money back

If you’re a food blogger and want a reliable recipe plugin that has every feature you need then you seriously need to give Tasty Recipes a try. 

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