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I was told it could happen…

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Let me rewind, 6 weeks after having my baby my doctor asked if I wanted to talk about contraception.  I actually laughed out loud, one because I was nowhere close to being ready to have sex and second after going through IVF, if we were to get pregnant on our own it would be a blessing.  The fertility doctor told me it was very slim we could get pregnant on our own so I didn’t think it was possible.  I’ll ruin the story now by saying that I am 21 weeks pregnant with baby number 2!

This is what happened: in February we met with our new fertility doctor and he suggested we do a hydro saline test to make sure my uterus looked okay before proceeding.  He wrote a prescription for me to get a period which I hadn’t had since having Max.  The test would be valid for 6 months but I called the nurse back because I wasn’t ready to get pregnant in 6 months (insert laughter).  She told me to still take the medication as it would be a good idea to get my period.  Fast forward to the beginning of April… Since I never get a period, I never look for one but one night I got super excited because I was spotting.  I ran into our room and told my hubby, my body is regulating itself, I think I’m getting my period!  The next day I felt a bit nauseous and full and for no other reason than a gut feeling, I went upstairs and took a pregnancy test.  Twenty minutes or so later, I told Eugene I needed to go upstairs real quick.  He was giving me a hard time and I blurted out “I took a pregnancy test, let me go upstairs!”  I came downstairs and let’s just say there was complete shock between the two of us.  Three pregnancy tests later and it was still positive. 

I remember my doula telling me she sees this all the time but I still didn’t think it was possible.  Is it sooner than I would have wanted? Maybe a little but that expression keeps running through my head: “God laughs at the best-made plans.”  We will have two under 1.5 years.  Send words of encouragement and/or extra hands! 

Also, I want to note that my heart is extra sensitive to all the parents out there struggling to have a child. I have been there and I know the emotional toll that it can bring. Just know that I am only a virtual hug away. XO

Here is my story about going through IVF that you can read here and here.

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