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Holiday Kitchen Shopping Guide

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l love this time of year when it starts getting colder and you can be bundled up watching movies like Love Actually or Elf on the couch while online shopping (duh).  l have a major love affair with Amazon especially now that we have Prime and can get almost anything in 2 days.  It makes it too easy to go shopping.  My husband has jokingly threatened to change the Amazon password about every other week but he doesn’t scare me! These undeserved threats have not deterred by Amazon purchases.  l put together a holiday list of some of my most favorite kitchen items as well ones that are on my wish list (hint, hint).

  1. Glass Carafe – These are awesome gifts to give to someone who likes to entertain at home as you can never have too many!  l love how sleek and modern the design is while being fully functional.
  2. Cuisinart Waffle Maker –  There is nothing better than a lazy weekend eating waffles.  l love my Cuisinart waffle maker as it’s super easy to clean and compact for storage.  These make for great gifts especially now that they are on sale!
  3. Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat –  If you like to bake these silicone baking mats are a no brainer.  For only a few bucks, you can reuse over and over again.  These will completely change your baking game for the better!  No more having to cut parchment paper to fit your baking sheet.
  4. Herb Scissors – l heavily rely on herbs as a flavor replacement for onions and garlic when I cook.  These scissors would majorly come in handy as a quick way to get herbs from my garden.  Plus the price tag you can’t beat!
  5. Vegetable Spiralizer – There is no better gift than a spiralizer for yourself or loved ones.  It’s a great way to incorporate more vegetables into your meals in a fun and different way.  My favorite way to use a spiralizer is to make zoodles but there are SO many options.  Even my husband who’s anti vegetables as jumped on board.
  6. Slow cooker/Pressure Cooker – My goal for this next year is to utilize my slow cooker more often.  This time of year l want more hearty and warm meals that don’t take much effort hence the slow cooker!  This particular slow cooker also has a pressure cooker option which is super cool.
  7. Meal Prep Containers –  I LOVE these containers for so many reasons as they are so functional.  I hate having food touching and the fact that these have perfectly portioned dividers that are microwave safe is a double bonus.  l use these for lunch all the time.
  8. Glass Electric Kettle –  We registered for an electric kettle for our wedding and it’s probably my most used appliance.  It boils water SO quickly and keeps it warm too so you’re not constantly heating up water.

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