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5 Kitchen Organizing Tips with Monkey Bar Storage

kitchen organizing

Does your messy kitchen make life feel stressful? The kitchen is one of the most used areas in the home. This also means it can be one of the messiest places in the home. With these 5 tips, you can organize your kitchen and make life a little easier.

Tip #1: Empty Cabinets and Drawers

First, figure out everything you are dealing with. Get rid of or donate any items you don’t use, duplicates, broken items and expired food. Organize the items on the counter or floor for each group. Remember the goal is to only keep items you use.

Kitchen organization tips.

FFF Tip 1

Tips #2 Tackle the Pantry

As you start putting away items, it’s important to group similar items. When putting the items back in the pantry or cabinets group each item by category. For example, group together spices, canned food, baking supplies, etc. Compartmentalize these items through the use of baskets and containers for easy access.

Kitchen organization tips for the pantry.

FFF Tip 2

Tip #3 Declutter the Counter

Kitchen organization tips.

FFF Tip 3

Mount a calendar, to-do-list, or grocery list on the wall. Use a cork board or chalkboard for these items and lists. This will also be a great place to put reminders for kids appointments, practices, artwork and so much more.

Tip #4 Use Drawer Dividers

Kitchen organization tips for the kitchen drawers.

FFF Tip 4

Draw Dividers will help keep clutter-prone items, such as cooking utensils or the junk drawer, in proper order. Make sure to keep similar items grouped together! Dividers give each item a place, so you don’t have to waste time looking for what you need.

Tip #5 Make Use of Underutilized Space

Kitchen organization tips.

Kitchen organization tips.

Place adhesive hooks underneath cabinets and on cabinet doors to free up counter space and optimize organization. Hang items such as mugs, oven mitts, measuring cups, you name it! A ceiling rack is also a great way to store larger items such as pots and pans.

Your kitchen no longer needs to be a place you dread. With these simple tips you can transform your kitchen into an organized haven.

This post was written by Olivia Waddell at Force 5 Solutions. Force 5 Solutions is a garage storage and organization company serving homeowners in the Houston area.


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