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It’s Greek to me! (Santorini Travel Guide)

FODMAP travel - Santorini, Greece

I have a confession to make and please don’t judge me…  I first fell in love with Santorini when the the Kardashians filmed their vacation here a few years ago. We decided to come here as part of our honeymoon itinerary and I am SO happy we did.  Pictures are amazing but to be surrounded in the actual beauty of the island is breathtaking.  I did a full FODMAP travel recap of all our favorites places, restaurants and things to do!

Where to stay:

Volcano View Hotel & Villas-I did a lot of research to figure out the best place to stay.  This hotel is located in Fira which I loved as it’s less crowded than Oia and also a lot less expensive.  Not only was the staff amazing and so accommodating but you could tell it was their priority to make us happy.  One day my stomach was off and I just wanted plain potatoes, the waiter was able to have this made for me with no issues.  It’s those small things that are actually a big deal when you’re far away from home.  The pool, restaurant and views were outstanding for a fraction of the price if you stayed in Oia.  We would come back here again and again!  This is high up on my return FODMAP travel list.

Breakfast view from our hotel

What to do:

There is a lot to do in Santorini but we decided to lay horizontally for the majority of the time during the day.  We heard there were some great hikes but we knew we would be so busy in Italy we wanted more relaxation.

Poolside Service-The pool at our hotel was wonderful with poolside service so we hung out here for lunch most days.

Wet Stories Beach Bar at the Perivolos Beach-we were told about this place from our concierge.  This is where the locals go to get away from the crowds at the Black beach.  It was such a fun and relaxing experience and not far from our hotel.  I would highly recommend going for the day.

Enjoying the beach.

Fira-I suggest to purchase gifts in Fira as it’s less expensive than Oia.  You can find a ton of traditional evil eyes, Greek olive oil, soaps, etc.  There are a ton of restaurants to stop in and have a delicious dinner.

Fish Pedicure in Fira

Sunset in Oia-pack your camera and head into Oia before sunset to walk around and explore the town.  Catch an early spot as it will get insanely crowded with tourists.

Waiting for the sunset in Oia.

Where to eat:

We ate a lot of delicious meals at our hotel as it was so easy to walk down stairs and watch the sunset.  We didn’t have one bad meal (except the first night at a random Mexican restaurant-don’t ask).

Lots and lots of delicious fish and traditional fava beans.

Lots and lots of delicious fish and traditional fava beans.

Obsessed with the tomato and cucumber salads.

Obsessed with the tomato and cucumber salads.

If you’re like me and needing some Greek inspired dishes after reading this post, check out Papoutsakia/Baked Eggplant, Traditional Greek Salad & Baked Falafel.

Now get out there and travel!

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